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Wildlife gardening is one of those catchphrases that draws new gardeners into the hobby and energizes more experienced ones. By grouping and displaying plants that attract butterflies, you can show gardeners of all skill levels how to add the color and motion of butterflies to their garden.

Here are some points to remember:

* Butterflies are attracted to plants that offer an abundant supply of food in a concentrated area.
* Gardeners should include a range of different plants with varying bloom times so butterflies will have a reliable food source throughout the growing season.
* Showy displays with several types of flowers blooming at all times will be sure to capture butterflies' attention.
* Avoid windy sites, and be careful of insecticides that can harm butterflies.

The following perennials are butterfly attractants:

Clethra alnifolia 'Hummingbird'*
Common name: Sweet pepperbush, summersweet.

Description: Deciduous shrub that displays flowers with a sweet, spicy scent. It grows 4-10 feet tall with thin, strong branches forming a vertical pattern. Fall foliage color (golden-yellow to brownish) can last several weeks.
Flowering period: Mid- to late summer on new growth.
Garden requirements: Partial shade but adaptable; ample to regular water; no serious pest problems. Routine pruning is not necessary.

Aster 'Loke Viking'
Common name: New York aster.

Description: Low-growing and mound-shaped plants with spear-shaped, toothed green leaves and a profusion of delicate-looking, 1-inch daisylike flowers. Blooms are blue, red, purple, white and burgundy shades.
Flowering period: Late summer to early autumn, depending on location.
Garden requirements: Full sun, well-drained sandy soil. In colder regions, plants die to the ground in winter and return from the roots the next spring or summer.

Common name: Beebalm. Description: Forms bushy clumps of erect stems and lance-shaped, medium-green leaves. Flowers are red, pink, burgundy and white. Flowering period: Summer. Garden requirements: Full sun, good well drained soil.

These perennials, as well as other butterfly attractants are found at Greenscape Gardens in the sun perennial section. These plants are all grouped in the same general area for your shopping convenience.



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